The new 'gold' of the Yukon - BBC Travel


It's been 3 years since I was in the Yukon doing fieldwork, but it was such an amazing experience exploring the wilderness of the Yukon by helicopter and on foot that I had to write about it for BBC Travel. The trip was part of my research when I was a geologist at Harvard University and we were looking for rocks that nobody has ever seen before on mountains that don't even have names as so few people have ever been there. The rocks record a time when the entire planet was covered in ice - known as the Snowball Earth and we wanted to find out how and why that happened and whether life survived. 


The island surrounded by ice that holds Earth's secrets - BBC Earth

My photo essay for BBC Earth revealing the beauty of Baffin Island and the excitement of doing fieldwork in such an isolated, barren landscape. I was up there in July-August 2014 when I was a postdoc at Harvard working together with a team from McGill University. We were looking at Mesoproterozoic sedimentary rocks from the Bylot Supergroup on the Borden Peninsula.