New VIDEO - The unique challenges of living at sea for 63 days - BBC Future


At the end of 2017, I spent two months on a scientific expedition into the Southern Ocean to look at Cretaceous climate and tectonics with the International Ocean Discovery Program and ECORD. It was an incredible experience with many stories still to tell. Here I produced a video with filming and editing work by Cristiane Delfina for BBC Future about what life is like onboard a world at sea. Watch the video at the link below. You can check out where the boat is now and what scientific secrets it is uncovering here.   


BLUE PLANET II - Alone in the middle of the ocean, islands are havens of life - BBC Earth


An article for the BBC's Blue Planet II season about islands and their importance for the biodiversity of this planet. I've visited a lot of islands around the world and I am always amazed at how each one is totally different even to those right next door. They are all unique and haven's for life both underwater and on land. The future is uncertain for Earth's incredible island worlds...


Sea Change for Ocean Nomads - BBC Earth Magazine

In the February issue of BBC Earth Magazine read my feature about the Bajau sea gypsies - the spearfishing ocean nomads of Indonesia, struggling to cope with dwindling fish stocks and having to settle in one place. Really happy with the way this article turned out, the pictures look awesome so grab yourselves a copy while its not too late :)